Meet Steve Fales

Human beings are at least three dimensional, so although running is a large part of my life, I’d be remiss if I didn’t paint more of the picture. I won’t bore you with details, however. For now it’s just the facts. These elements are fleshed out in many of the posts.

  • I arrived on the planet in the year 1955. You do the math.
  • Home is south Florida.
  • My wife, Linda, has put up with me for over three decades. We have two grown daughters who are on their own and out of state.
  • I own and operate a mid-sized advertising/marketing agency.
  • I am a life-long learner, and at this stage in life I’m highly focused on teaching others.
  • My non-athletic pursuits are public speaking, chess, and collecting people.
  • The spiritual side of life is very important to me. I prefer not to put a label on it, so I’ll just say that my primary source in that area is the Bible.
  • A few years back, while waiting for an overuse injury to heal, I took up swimming to cross-train. From there it was a short jump to cycling and triathlons. I’m not great but I do several tris a year – mostly Sprints. I’ve done one Olympic which I found harder than a marathon.
  • Running-wise I’m definitely a mere mortal. When not in a marathon training program my weekly mileage is in the high 20s to low 30s, plus at least one swimming and one cycling workout per week – or something equivalent. I’ve done eleven fulls, a bunch of halfs, a few 10Ks and more 5Ks than I remember. PRs are:
    • 5K = 25:26
    • 10K = 55:32
    • Half = 2:01:03
    • Full = 4:30:51

And I love communicating with people, so make a comment or send an e-mail and let’s touch base.

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