“Two Easy” Is Not Too Easy

Runners talk about various types of workouts. One of them is the “easy” run. You’ll hear them say things like “Let’s do five easy”, meaning five miles at a moderate, conversational pace.

This takes me back to the day I decided to become a runner. I laced up my brand new running shoes (Brooks Addiction), which I purchased early that week at a real running store (Runner’s Depot). To further prove that this act was premeditated, I had clocked the distance of the loop around my neighborhood and found it to be right at two miles. That would be my route.

Out the door I went and took off. But then reality set in. In less than a quarter of a mile I was out of breath and had to walk.

For some reason I tried again a couple days later, and many more times beyond that. Finally, after several weeks, I completed the two mile loop 100% on the run.

Although my workouts are a bit longer today, I’m totally convinced that two miles is a very respectable goal for anyone considering this wonderful sport. It will burn a couple hundred calories, relieve stress, and for most it will fulfill the medical field’s suggestion of elevating one’s heart rate for 20 minutes. What’s more, it doesn’t require a huge time commitment, making it doable within most any schedule.

So if two miles of running is all your wildest dreams can imagine, be encouraged. Non-runners will bow before you in awe. They’ll look in disbelief and say “Really? You ran two whole miles before work this morning? Without stopping?” And runners of all levels will applaud you heartily, because we all remember our first time out, and realize that “two easy” is not too easy.


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  1. I first began running in my teens. Living in a rural area, my closest friend was two miles away and the best method of getting to his place was to run. Now, as a middle-aged man, I run not to get somewhere, but to go deeper into who I am and who I am becoming. After many years and countless miles, I wonder what has endured out of all I have gained and lost. And then I run “two easy – maybe three” on some starry pre-dawn morning and I know that my journey is right on schedule.


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