Morning Madness

Recently I had what could be titled “One Of Those Mornings, the runner version.” Here are the highlights …

– Got to bed later than I wanted the night before, so set the alarm for 5:00am instead of 4:30.

– Spilled sport drink powder all over the kitchen counter.

– Shoe malfunction. Insole slid off center somehow, causing a blister situation waiting to happen. Spent too long trying to fix it.

– Finally got out the door. Garmin simply would not find satellites. Eventually turned the GPS off and on again. When in doubt, reboot. That did it.

– Forgot to put the special surgical tape over my nipples. (Yes, we can talk about such things on this blog. It’s a runner thing.) My body reminded me (ouch) so I circled back home for a pit stop.

– AND … I had a really stupid song stuck between my ears. I won’t tell you what it was lest I pass the plague along.

For a few seconds the voice in my head pondered whether all this was some cosmic message telling me to cut the run short, rather than doing the entire 12 miles I had planned. I quickly identified where that voice was coming from and told it to sniff my sweaty shorts. Then, just to show it who’s boss, I did 14 instead.

Actually, it was a great way to start the day.


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